• July Is #CoSIDA2020 (Virtual) Educational Lounge Month - Join In Beginning July 7

    The popular Educational Lounges are back for July. A popular addition to the June convention the last few years, these how-to learning labs will be offered FREE of charge on Zoom. There are six running the first three week of July on Tuesdays and Thursday at 2 pm Eastern. There are NO LIMITS to the number of Virtual Educational Lounges you may attend! As they are Zoom sessions, there also are no limits on the number of attendees per session. Again, all are free and they will be on-demand if you miss the live presentation.
  • #CoSIDA2020 Virtual Convention Runs First 3 Week of June To Huge Success! All Sessions On-Demand

    Update: Thanks for the thousands who attended our  FREE #CoSIDA2020 Virtual Convention? Some sessions are live; some are pre-recorded; and ALL will be on-demand, too! June 25 UPDATE: Reminder that all sessions are on-demand; go to the schedule and watch the panels when you wish! We've got the SIDEARM Sports Leadership Forum present by Learfield IMG College, Divisional Days, CoSIDA U Camp, Job Seekers videos, and so much more!​ Great content and relevant and timely issues discussed throughout the month.
  • UPDATE: 2020 CoSIDA Constitutional Amendments Voted In By Landslide

    In a landslide vote of approval (95% in favor), CoSIDA members approved the new governance structure in June 17-19 online voting. These changes are in effect immediately. The CoSIDA Board of Directors now becomes the Executive Board of Directors and each Board member will stay on the Executive Board until their terms expires.

    Over the next few months, CoSIDA will work to guide the formation of divisional cabinets and advisory council in a phase-in process. Each division will have autonomy to form their own structure.The Amendments to Articles 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11 and 12 of the CoSIDA Constitution were proposed by Herb Vincent and endorsed by the CoSIDA Board of Directors as part of a proposed modernization of the association's governance structure. 

  • On-Demand Webinar: CoSIDA Mentorship Program: Get Ready, Get Set, Go! Prep For '20-21 Program

    Original webinar date: Thursday, May 21, 2020

    Link To On-Demand Webinar and Podcast (Register, then watch for free)

    Thinking about participating in the CoSIDA Mentorship Program this coming academic year? Listen to this on-demand webinar and podcast with Mentorship Committee members and a successful mentor/mentee pairing from last year to determine what you should be looking for in mentor/mentee relationship in advance of the 2020-21 program sign-ups that open June 1.

    Hannah Bradley
    – Southern Conference, Assistant Director of Media Relations
    Lindy Brown – Duke University, Senior Associate Sports Information Director
    Mex Carey – Michigan State University Associate Director of Athletic Communications
    Taylor Garcia – Mills College Athletics Communications and Operations Coordinator
    Shawn Medeiros
    – Endicott College, Sports Information Director
  • Part 3: Compensation & Career Satisfaction Results: Athletics Communications As A Viable Career

    2020 CoSIDA Compensation & Career Satisfaction Survey Results
    Part 3: Examining Athletics Communications as a Viable Career Option

    Download the infographic (2 pages)

    In the third release of CoSIDA’s 2020 Compensation and Career Satisfaction Survey data, we take a deep dive into benefits and salary in addition to what makes the job of athletics communicator great and what could make it even better. As illustrated in the graphic, CoSIDA members are the beneficiaries of great extras like professional development, flexibility and free stuff — the most sought-after benefits by communications professionals across industries. The graphic also includes what makes the job special and what could be done to make it a more viable career option for someone just getting into college athletics.

    Paul Smith (Texas Woman’s University) interviews fellow CoSIDA Advocacy Committee member Akilah Laster (Tennessee) to find out what it was about the job that attracted her, what advice she would give to someone about the career, highlights from her journey so far and how she hopes to make a difference in the profession by helping improve diversity and cultural competence.

    You do not need to be a CoSIDA member to view this video, but name and email registration are required to view. Click here to view the video with a full auto-generated transcript.
  • Deadline To Apply For Open Board Positions Extended Until May 19

    The application process to apply for an open Board of Directors position has been extended until Tuesday, May 19 at 5 pm Eastern. There is tremendous momentum in - and for - our organization, and we are looking for members from all divisions who have passion for our profession to serve CoSIDA.

    Three positions are open for service to start in the 2020-21 academic year: new third vice-president (open to all regions) and three college division representatives - one from the Northeast region, one from the Central Region and one from the West Region.

    How To Apply
    To submit a formal nomination, please provide a letter of interest, a resume and staff biography, two letters of support and a headshot to:

    Rob Knox
    CoSIDA Past President/CoSIDA Nomination Committee liaison
    Phone: (610) 800-1044
    All items must be received by Tuesday, May 19 (5 PM Eastern).
  • On-Demand Webinar (May 14): Modernizing CoSIDA's Governance Structure/Proposed Changes for 2020-21

    As the current framework of CoSIDA’s governance structure looks much the same as it did during its first years of existence (60+ years ago) while CoSIDA has grown exponentially and our profession has changed dramatically, earlier this year a CoSIDA Governance Review Working Group was formed to examine the governance structure of our organization.On the webinar, CoSIDA President Herb Vincent, Executive Director Doug Vance and moderator Lenny Reich (Mount Union), a CoSIDA Board member and part of the governance working group, discussed the proposed changes from our current Board of Directors setup to a three-tier CoSIDA governance structure. This new structure will: create more leadership opportunities, increase diversity in CoSIDA leadership and create avenues for members with common issues to effectively engage on those topics.    

    Because it takes a membership vote to make any changes to the CoSIDA Constitution and our governing structure, all current CoSIDA members will have an opportunity to vote on the changes in June. Attendees learned more about and asked questions on the proposed changes during the webinar. A timeline for review of the changes and the voting schedule in June also were discussed. The webinar slide deck also is attached. 


    Doug Vance – CoSIDA Executive Director
     Herb Vincent – Southeastern Conference Associate Commissioner-Communications/2019-20 CoSIDA President Host
     Lenny Reich – Mount Union Assistant Athletics Director - Sports Information Director/CoSIDA Board member 

  • On-Demand (May 12) Leadership Webinar: Now What? Role of athletic communications moving forward.

    View the on-demand content (webinar and podcast). From our June Stewart Leadership Series, the May 12th webinar with athletic administrators offered insights, suggestions and solutions to today’s greatest challenges and opportunities as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic and an uncertain college sports future. The important role of athletic communications was highlighted and SIDs were urged to increase their strategic values (with examples given on how the SID can assist in messaging, communication and branding moving forward.). 
    Andrew Gavin – University of Wisconsin-Parkside, Director of Athletics
    Amy Yakola – Atlantic Coast Conference, Executive Associate Commissioner and Chief of External Affairs
    Trip Durham – 2D Consulting LLC
  • On-Demand (May 7) Webinar: Channel Your Inner Rock Star: Be A Leader Now In Athletic Communications

    View the on-demand webinar or listen to the on-demand podcast with athletic communications professionals (Chris Gonzales of Florida Southern and Scottie Rodgers of the Sun Belt Conference) and former SID and current Fresno State Deputy Director of Athletics Meredith Jenkins.

    Part 1: Discussion on ideas and strategies to meet administrative expectations and deal with the pressures to be productive in our current remote settings.

    Part 2: Elevating your career: Use this time to springboard your career to a positive in upper administration. What have you done, what can you do now and what are you going to do differently in the future?
  • On-Demand Webinar: Part 2: CoSIDA Compensation & Career Satisfaction Results (from Survey)

    Download the infographic (2 pages)

    In the second release of CoSIDA’s compensation and career satisfaction survey data, staff size, responsibilities and career considerations are explored.

    As illustrated in the infographic, overall career satisfaction is high with a nod to good benefits packages and workplace flexibility. The graphic also shows the growth of responsibilities for CoSIDA members as well as the stagnation of compensation and titles relative to the growth.

    Download the infographic and watch the 30 minute conversation with Shelly Poe (Auburn), Danny Barnts (Point Loma Nazarene), Steve Flegel (Whitworth), Kenisha Rhone (Belmont) and Kevin Trainor (Arkansas) of the CoSIDA Advocacy Committee as they discuss the results and offer strategies for members who are seeking to align their goals with that of the athletics director or commissioner, show value, build their skill sets and position themselves to help struggling athletic departments and their universities during and after the COVID-19 crisis.
  • April 30th On-Demand Webinar: NCAA & NAIA Record-Keeping & Stats Management Techniques In CoVID-19

    Check out the on-demand webinar (downloadable or on YouTube or in podcast form) as presenters from the NCAA Statistics and Media Coordination staff and the NAIA discussed record-keeping and statistics with the abbreviated winter and spring seasons due to COVID-19. 

    Brad Cygan – NAIA, Director of Athletic Communications
    Jennifer Rodgers – NCAA, Associate Director, Media Coordination & Statistics
    Sean Straziscar – NCAA, Associate Director, Media Coordination & Statistics
    David Worlock – NCAA, Director of Media Coordination & Statistics

    Clark Teuscher
     – North Central College, Sports Information Director
  • On-Demand Webinar: Part 1: The Value of SIDs; 1st Look at Salary Survey (April 16)

    FInd all the links to our April 16th webinar on Realizing The Value of Athletic Communications Pros: A First Look at the Compensation/Salary Survey. You can replay the informative webinar with Michael and Jennifer Cross of Athlete Viewpoint (partners with CoSIDA in developing and analyzing the survey) and CoSIDA Advocacy Committee members E.J Borghetti (Pittsburgh) and Mary Beth Challoner (Toronto), plus the infographics, as they discussed strategies to become more valuable in your SID role.
  • On-Demand Listening & Leading Webinar (April 13): Content Creation & Ideas Sharing During COVID-19

    In this webinar, we heard from the four presenters below - from large and small schools - on strategies, techniques and examples of content they are using and doing during the COVID-19 crisis. The presenters focused on what this pandemic and crisis is teaching us about our content creation and marketing and how we can best work with our colleagues, using strategies and tools to demonstrate and emphasize the value that SIDs deliver to their organizations.

    Alex Falk
     – Manhattanville College, Director of Athletic Communications
    Imry Halevi – Harvard University, Assistant Director of Athletics – Multimedia & Production
    Katie Gwinn Hewitt – Temple University, Assistant Athletics Director for Branding and Digital Strategy
    Shawn Medeiros – Endicott College, Sports Information Director/D3SIDA First Vice President

    Nick Guerriero – George Washington University Director of Athletic Communications / CoSIDA Continuing Education Committee Chair
  • #CoSIDA2020 Convention Canceled; Follow Updates On All Our Social Channels For Virtual Programming

    The convention was scheduled for June 7-10 at Mandalay Bay Resort and Conference Center in Las Vegas. Refunds for preregistrants will be forthcoming. CoSIDA staff and leadership will now focus on hosting virtual convention/professional development programming in June.
  • On-Demand NAIA-SIDA Webinar on Crisis Communications in COVID-19 (April 14)

    Check out the on-demand NAIA-SIDA webinar which took place Tuesday, April 14 as the presenters discussed how your institution or conference handled COVID-19 communication and how can we better prepare for the future in times of crisis. You can download the webinar, watch it on CoSIDA's YouTube channel, or listen to it as a podcast.
  • Reminder: Listening & Leading Webinars ThIs Week (April 13, April 15)

    Here are the next two Listening and Leading webinars for the week of April 13-17. Everyone is invited (free registration) to talk about content creation & strategies (April 13, 2 pm ET) and realizing the value of SID pros (April 16, 2 pm ET). Check out to register! Will have them on-demand as webinars and podcasts, too!
  • Final Days To Submit To Publications and Digital Design Contest: Deadline Is April 9

    Calling for your final winter sports and spring sports ONLINE submissions to the 2020 Publications and Digital Design contest - deadline is Midnight Eastern on April 9. See all the categories for posters, videos, graphics, guides, special publications and more. See details at the link.
  • Join Our March 24th CoSIDA Virtual Town Hall: First In Our New Listening and Leading Webinar Series

    In these challenging and unsettling times, we want our members to know that CoSIDA will be here as a resource, support, advocate and professional development training partner for all our members. Please join us Tuesday, March 24 (3 pm ET) for a Virtual Town Hall webinar with President Herb Vincent and Executive Director Doug Vance and our CoSIDA officers and staff. We'll talk about the path of CoSIDA in these trying times, our programs and initiatives, and we will take your questions.
  • Register for #CoSIDA2020 By April 7th - For The Best Rates!

    Planning to come to #CoSIDA2020 convention? Early-bird registration rates in effect through April 7- take advantage of that rate now. See the schedule, promotions, socials, etc at the link below.​
  • Scholarship and Grants Applications Open: Apply By April 23

    Applications for undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships and our internship grants have been open since December - and the due date is April 23! Don't delay in applying online as you need financial information submitted. See all the awards and dollar amounts at link below.
  • Publications & Digital Design Contest: Spring Deadline Is April 9

    Have you entered your winter and spring publications, videos, guides, posters, game notes, infographics and more into our annual Publications and Digital Design contest? All entries accepted online at link below. Final deadline of year is April 9th!
  • #CoSIDA2020 Convention Registration Is Open! See Preliminary Information

    Mark your calendars for the event of the year (June 7-10 in Las Vegas). On Wednesday, Feb. 12: Registration for the general convention and the SIDEARM Sports Leadership Forum presented by Learfield IMG College, plus hotel reservations, open Feb. 12. Check out the link to get the early schedule of programming and social events, and so much more. Hope you are planning to join us in Las Vegas!
  • On-Demand Capital One Teachable Tuesdays StudentU Webinar (Feb. 18)

    Presented in our Capital One Teachable Tuesday webinar series, this webinar was for athletic communications/sports information student assistants, undergraduate and graduate, and all other students and student-athletes who might be interested in exploring a career in athletics and athletic communications. The presenters shared excellent next-steps advice for students on careers and jump-starting work in athletic communications and college sports. It's now an on-demand webinar- and in a podcast, too, along with a full transcript courtesy of ASAP Sports.
  • Calling All Members! Our Salary Survey: Have You Filled It Out?

    Current members received an email from CoSIDA Executive Director Doug Vance with a unique link to take the survey - thanks to the 100's of members who have participated to date. Deadline is Feb. 21- your data and input is crucial! Survey will take approximately 15 minutes will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and will cover important data regarding member salary, compensation, benefits, staff size, sport sponsorship and roles within the athletics communications department specifically and in the athletics department in general.
  • Final Reminder: Join Feb. 11th NAIA-SIDA Photography Webinar

    All SIDs with small staffs, this webinar is for you! Register for free for the Feb. 11th NAIA-SIDA webinar on photography (2 pm ET). The webinar will be on-demand later on Feb. 11th and will be in podcast form as well.
  • Winter Issue Of CoSIDA 360 Magazine Now Available

    View the digital version of the winter issue of CoSIDA 360 magazine - your printed copies are being sent to  your offices now. Great content! A cover story feature on members in their 20s offer perceptions of the job heading into the new decade; student-athlete media training; job seekers tips; SID Life feature; SID health tip and warnings to take protection from the sun; and so much more!
  • Stabley Writing Contest: Final Day To Submit Entries: Monday, February 17, 2020 (Noon ET)

    Calling for all your best writing samples, CoSIDA members! Enter the 2020 Fred Stabley Sr. Writing Contest. See the categories and criteria at the link. Each member can submit ONE ENTRY PER CATEGORY in their respective districts.
  • M&W Basketball Academic All-District Nominations Close on Feb. 4

    Reminder for all NCAA and NAIA members to nominate deserving men's and women's basketball players for Academic All-District honors by 9 pm ET on Tuesday, Feb. 4.
  • REMINDER: Friday, Feb., 7 Is Deadline For 2020 Convention Grant

    Want to attend #CoSIDA2020 and in need of financial assistance? You still have time to apply for the 2020 Convention Attendance Grant - until Feb. 7. The grant will cover up to $1,000 in convention-related expenses plus a free registration. We have 22 of them available!​
  • 2020 CoSIDA Membership Salary Survey: MEMBER ACTION NEEDED

    We are pleased to offer an extensive CoSIDA member salary survey this semester. The survey will be available in early February. In order to get the most accurate data, please make sure to do the following in your membership profile:
    The most important thing you can do is to make sure your CoSIDA profile is as up-to-date as possible, including title, email address and institution before January 24Why? It’s important to complete this step to ensure that you receive the email to be able to participate in the survey. Those who do not have correct info in their profile may not be able to participate.
  • Publications & Digital Design Contest: Jan. 31st is 1st Deadline for Submissions!

    Submit your best work on posters, guides, programs and graphics! Two deadlines for online submission, with the first one on Jan. 31 for fall sport entries and some winter sport entries. Details at the link. ALL SUBMISSIONS ARE ONLINE THIS YEAR.
  • Join In! Jan. 28 Teachable Tuesday Webinar: Capital One Teachable Tuesdays Webinar on Mentorship

    Register online now for free and join in!

    Teachable Tuesdays Capital One Webinar
    Components of a Strong Mentor/Mentee Relationship
    Tuesday, January 28, 2020
     2 PM (ET) / 1 PM (CT) / Noon (MT) / 11 AM (PT)

    Mentorship is a critical component of career and professional growth, but maintaining the long-term mentor/mentee relationship can be challenging as work schedules, geographic challenges and interest levels interfere from time to time. Join CoSIDA Mentorship Committee members and guest panelists as they outline best practices for building and maintaining a strong mentor/mentee relationship.

    Register Online (Free)
  • REMINDER: APPLY NOW For 2020 Convention Grant Opportunities

    NCAA Inclusion Grant: Apply Now – Open December 9 through January 15; CoSIDA Convention Attendance Grant: Apply now – Open December 2 through February 7

    Get more information on both grants HERE.
  • Recognize Deserving Colleagues By Nominating For Special Awards By January 26, 2020

    The CoSIDA Special Awards program honor those in the membership and outside the membership with recognition for distinguished service, work and achievement. Our Special Awards are presented annually at luncheons during our summer Conventions. Nominations are open to CURRENT CoSIDA Members ONLY. Please see all the awards and criteria in the link below.
  • On Demand Teachable Tuesday Webinar (Nov. 12): More On Our Roles Through The Eyes of The Media

    Watch On-Demand + ASAP Sports transcript (CoSIDA member log in required)

    Discussion on the roles and talents of our members during the month in which we hold our CoSIDA Recognition Week campaign. Members of the TV/print media talked about the importance of the SID and best practices they see, and need, from our membership.

    David Aldridge – Editor-in-Chief, The Athletic D.C.  Twitter: @davidaldridgedc

    Leah Secondo – TV analyst/sportscaster for ESPN, Fox Regionals, CBS Sports Network, The ACC Network   Twitter: @leahsecondo

    Patrick Stevens – The Athletic   Twitter: @D1scourse


    Nick Guerriero – George Washington University, Director of Athletic Communications / CoSIDA Continuing Education Chair

  • On Demand: Capital One Teachable Tuesday Webinar-Oct. 29: Know Your Role

    Check out the replay of the Oct. 29th Capital One Teachable Tuesday webinar "Know Your Role." The on-demand webinar and a full transcript (transcript courtesy of ASAP Sports) is available in the CoSIDA Connect Resource Library. Click the link below and get some ideas on how to develop your FT/PT staff and gameday staff with a limited budget and/or limited staff.
  • Nov. 1 Deadline To Nominate For CoSIDA Academic All-America® Hall of Fame

    Make sure to nominate your most deserving Academic All-America honorees (who must be out of competition for 10 years) for the CoSIDA Academic All-America® Hall of Fame. Nominations close Friday, Nov. 1, 2019 at MIDNIGHT (Eastern). Criteria and details at the link.
  • On-Demand Oct. 8 NAIA-SIDA Webinar: Academic All-America® Nomination and Voting Best Practices

    NAIA members! Watch the NAIA-SIDA on-demand webinar from Oct. 8th on do's and don'ts to enhance your nominations and voting in the Academic All-America® program. Click the link below, follow the instructions and listen to these importan tips and advice.
  • Nominate For CoSIDA Special Awards

    It's that time of the year, CoSIDA members, to nominate your deserving colleagues for 2020 CoSIDA Special Awards. We recognize members for numerous awards and also will induct our 2020 CoSIDA Hall of Fame class. Please check all the award categories below. You can self-nominate for 25-Year Awards and Lifetime Achievement honors (for retirees or those who will retire with a minimum of 25 years of athletic communications service). See criteria and the online portal link below.
  • Taking Your Best Nominees For Mayo Clinic Comeback Player of the Year Award (Football)

    Calling for nominations from divisions of football! Please nominate your deserving football student-athletes now, and we will track their stats throughout the season. See criteria for the award and nomination portal below.
  • Reminder! 2019-20 Membership Drive In Full Swing - Join By Oct. 15

    Looking forward to having SIDs renew or join CoSIDA! Group and Individual memberships are available for full-time and part-time athletics communications professionals in intercollegiate athletics.

    Regular enrollment period: August 5, 2019 – October 15, 2019
    Late enrollment period: October 16, 2019 (subject to a $30/membership late fee)
  • On Demand Capital One Webinar: Sept. 19-Opportunites & Challenges For Young Women of Color in AC

    Here is the link to the replay of the Thursday, Sept. 19 webinar on "Opportunities and Challenges For Young Women of Color In Athletic Communications." Watch the on-demand webinar and follow along with the full transcript via corporate partner ASAP Sports. This discussion on building a diverse staff and leadership opportunities in athletic communications is a must-watch and must-listen for all CoSIDA members.

    Chevonne Mansfield – Florida Memorial University Deputy Athletic Director/SWA
    Romanda Noble-Watson  - Claflin University Sports Information Director
    Denise Thompson - Big Sky Conference Assistant Commissioner/Communications and External Affairs/
    CoSIDA Board member

    Jessica Poole – Florida Atlantic University Senior Associate AD-External Relations/CoSIDA Third Vice-President
  • On-Demand NAIA-SIDA Webinar Series (Sept. 10): StretchCast and Other Streaming Platforms

    J.D. Fox from Presto Sports and Brandon Hensley from University of the Cumberlands spoke on software and trends for smaller lifestream video production setups and how broadcasts can also turn into post-game highlight packages without adding more students, staff, or work on the department staff. Catch the on-demand webinar here.
  • CoSIDA Seeks New Title Sponsor For Academic All-America® Program

    Google Cloud, serving as the title sponsor of the Academic All-America® and the Academic All-America Hall of Fame® programs for the last two years, will not return in that role for the 2019-20 academic year. Read more here and also download the new Academic All-America program logos.
  • Mentorship Program Call - Wednesday, Aug. 28 - 1 PM Eastern

    Are you involved in CoSIDA's 2019-20 Mentorship Program as a mentor or mentee? Join the Wednesday, Aug. 28th call (1 pm ET) and learn what is expected of you during the year and some helpful information on mentorship in general. You will also be given a chance to ask questions. Even if you have not yet been paired in the program, you are welcome to join.
  • On-Demand Aug. 27 Webinar: Do's and Don'ts Of Social Media- From the Compliance Standpoint

    Watch and on-demand webinar, download the PDF and Powerpoint resources, and see the full ASAP transcript, too. For all SIDs - Need to have more information on what's OK and what's not with social media posts by recruits, and the do's and don't by coaches and staff members when it comes to signing days and recruiting commitments? Review the rules on NCAA social media as we head into the 2019-20 academic year.
  • On-Demand Aug. 6 Capital One Webinar: Get Ready For The Fall – NCAA Statistics Software & Resources

    Here is the on-demand version of the first Capital One continuing education webinar of the 2019-20 academic yearl Members of the NCAA media coordination & statistics staff take you through their stat webpage resources and answered your questions on NCAA LiveStats and Genius. With an ASAP Sports transcript, too.
  • 2019-20 CoSIDA Membership Renewals and Sign-ups Opened August 5

    As of August 5, current and new members are able to access the dues payment portal through Group and individual memberships are available once again for full and part-time athletics communications professionals in intercollegiate athletics. Any member is eligible to purchase an individual membership. School or conference custodians can purchase a group membership for as few as one member or as many staff members as necessary.
  • 2020 Academic All-America Hall of Fame Nominations Open

    The on-line nomination portal for the Class of 2020 is available now through Friday, Nov. 1, 2019 at MIDNIGHT (Eastern). As you are preparing for the upcoming academic and athletic seasons, please keep in mind any potential nominees for the Academic All-America® Hall of Fame.