A Special #ThankYourSID Shoutout to Mr. Moore

By Robert Knox posted 8 days ago


Eric Moore is a living legend.

This is my appreciation of a distinguished mentor to not only me, but countless others. I am thankful for our paths crossing while I worked at Lincoln. He has had the single biggest influence on my career as an athletic communications professional.


As CoSIDA Membership Recognition Week concludes for this year, I want to thank Mr. Moore for his leadership, passion, dedication, and friendship to our organization and its members. His warm personality makes everybody who enters his presence feel like a family member.


Speaking for many in the business that have had the pleasure of interacting with “Mr. Moore” as he’s affectionately known, I can say that there’s not a more genuine and caring person on the planet. He always goes out of his way to assist others, share encouraging words, and offer unique perspective during tough moments.


Mr. Moore has been a CoSIDA member for nearly 25 years and he’s mentored a generation of athletic communication professionals and provided support to college events through his statistical services. In addition, his relentless passion for promoting Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) has made a difference.


Through his efforts, Mr. Moore made sure HBCU’s received lots of publicity. What’s more is that he does all this work behind the scenes without any fanfare. Those that work in the trenches with Mr. Moore know he’s a treasure. Through his dedicated and selfless service to others, Mr. Moore has been a champion for improved opportunities of media relations professionals, particularly those of color and working at HBCU’s.


He’s made a difference in our profession and my life. He bridges the gap at HBCUs that have struggled with resources.


He’s the reason why I am the CoSIDA First Vice President. He continually encouraged and supported me when I started in the business and was working at Lincoln University. We met for the first time in Philadelphia. It was also my first CoSIDA convention. A few years later, I was elected as the president of the Black College Sports Information Directors Association (BC-SIDA), still one of the major highlights of my career.


It was during this time that he motivated and instilled the confidence in me needed to pursue a board position and ultimately moving into the officers rotation. He has always been there for me whenever I needed him. When Lincoln brought back football and I needed assistance stating games, he made it happen by offering his statistical services to me. It was money well spent.


When I was laid off at ESPN, Mr. Moore offered me the chance to write weekly recaps for the CIAA website. He allowed me to go outside the box and turn the traditional mundane weekly release into a must-read feature on a team or player that particular week. Those were fun and I appreciated the opportunity to be able to write creatively and have fun while doing it.


He is a giant and an awesome person who has made several opportunities in this profession possible for me. His wisdom has been invaluable to our organization. In starting BC-SIDA, Mr. Moore allowed others to have more responsibility and make an impact, which in turn prepared them for future opportunities.


While I am honored to become the second African-American president in CoSIDA history, this opportunity doesn’t occur without Mr. Moore’s influence. Furthermore, this doesn’t become a reality without some of the giants like Sam Jefferson, LeCounte Conway, Wallace Dooley, Charles “Chuck” Prophet, Ed Hill Jr., Bill Hamilton and numerous others who laid the foundation of excellence.


While the intent is recognize current CoSIDA members during this week, it’s important to recognize the trailblazers that have allowed us to thrive and be part of this awesome profession. Mr. Moore’s personal achievements and accolades pale in comparison to the mentoring he’s done and legacy he’s carved out as one of the greats of our industry.