You Thought You Knew, But You Have No Idea #ThankYourSID

By Denise Thompson posted 13 days ago


Being a Sports Information Director (SID) can be an overwhelming experience for some. Not everyone can handle the long hours, tedious work, lack of hearing the two words “thank you,” missed holidays, birthdays and weddings, or the side eye from your parents when they ask “Why are you still single?” 

Everyone’s journey to being an SID is different, but our goal is the same…be the best SID we can be.

I decided to make this blog post a little different than others. It’s geared to make you laugh, say “Mhm” and high five the person next to you.

You thought you knew, but you have no idea, here are everyday experiences in which you should #ThankYourSID

Ready, set, go!

Remember that time you earned Player of the Week honors three times straight? Yup. #ThankYourSID I worked hard to hide the fact you had three dropped passes, two strikeouts, three shots nowhere near goal or two missed layups.

When your pregame music was finally the CD you submitted…oh for sure #ThankYourSID We got so tired of you thinking it was under our job description that we started complaining for you.

That one summer the league asked the school SID to bring the player’s full uniform and helmet to football media day and you were traveling in from another state. Yes, #ThankYourSID and my frequent flyer program for one free checked bag.

When you, the coach, didn’t want to talk to the nagging writer from the opposing team. I covered for you. #ThankYourSID

On the road when you finished practice and there was water, Gatorade/Powerade, granola bars, and fruit on the bus. #ThankYourSID, although I really did it because I didn’t want to sit through three hours of the head coach screaming. 😊

When the official scorekeeper had the timeouts wrong and the referee asked the SID to confirm. #ThankYourSID

The day before your end of the year banquet you decided you wanted me to put together a highlight video. Me. The overworked and underpaid SID that doesn’t have video anything attached to my title. Sure. #ThankYourSID­

Most of all, please #ThankYourSID for their never-ending dedication to want to promote their university, organization, student-athletes, coaches and administrators. We are writers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, spokesmen, basically the jack of all trades.

Thank you!