There will never be a “perfect time” to switch jobs

By Denise Thompson posted 08-28-2017 23:49


The world of athletics is a carousel that never stops. People hop on and hop off, but it doesn’t stop moving.

When is the best time to take another job?

May, because that means the department has the whole summer to look for your replacement. Well, if you have baseball, track & field, or any other spring sport that’s never-ending, that doesn’t work either.

Late June. Your lease is probably up, you think you have time to get adjusted at your new place before it all hits the fan. Not so much. The person before you probably left in a hurry and now you have to do the media guide and bios that you hoped would’ve been done for you. As for your former employer, we all know HR takes forever to approve jobs and now they’ve gone six weeks without an SID, which means the place has fallen a part because we all know SIDs are the glue that keeps the boat afloat.

Let me tell you when the “preferred time” to take a job will be. It’ll be when you know that you have done all you can at your current position. Maybe it’ll be that your expertise has finally paid off and someone has now sought you out. Either way, you will know without a doubt when your time to take that next gig will be and you shouldn’t feel bad about furthering your career.

It happens all the time. Do you think your athletics director or immediate supervisor takes you in to account when they make their decision to move on? Nope. We are all in the athletics business to be the best version of ourselves that we can be while increasing coverage and loving what we do.

People outside of athletics will never understand why we go home at 7 p.m., although we’re only paid until 5 p.m. They’ll never understand why we just can’t take a week off in September to attend a family reunion or simply go on vacation.

We as SIDs work hard 24/7 and that is why the perfect time to take a job will be when we finally put ourselves first and make the decision that is right for us at that time.






09-01-2017 16:49

Thanks Liv! I hear so many people time and time again say that they would never leave during a certain time of the year, but reality is you can't let a solid opportunity pass you by. We give up so many hours to this profession, that after a while we must put ourselves first to advance :)

09-01-2017 15:23

This is a great post, Denise! I've started jobs in early November, Mid-Septemeber and here at ECU I started January 3rd and flew with women's basketball to UConn on my first day of work. 

The time is never right for them, so make sure it's right for you! 

Thanks for sharing :-)